Have you ever wondered why people who practice yoga regularly often look younger than they actually are?

I call this phenomena Yotox.

When we practice yoga we relax the muscles in our face, releasing this tension allows for the movement of fluids and energy under the skin – allowing for the clearing away of toxins and delivering of nutrients to the epidermis. Relaxing the face also temporarily removes the creases in your face that our (often worried) expressions leave behind.

Spending less time with deep groves in your face softens these lines and over time the face looks more relaxed and younger. Botox does the same thing by temporarily damaging the nerves in your face that initiate your ability to make expression lines. Unfortunately, like all drugs we build an immunity to them so they become less potent over time.  Not to mention the  side effects.

You can release these lines in your face just by thinking about it. As you through your day,  be conscious of what your face is doing. Being aware that you are holding a frown and letting it go will help you achieve similar results. More importantly,  you will be nicer to be around if your face is more relaxed and you don’t always look annoyed.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Doing yoga for a few hours a week gives you at least that time without these deep grooves setting in and it will make you more aware of what your face is doing when you are off  your matt too!


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