With the summer months approaching many of us are thinking of ways to shed those lovely extra pounds we put on over the winter.

Yoga is an excellent option for weight loss.  There are many ways to practice yoga.  Some are options are much more dynamic than others.  Practicing a ‘flow’ style yoga, such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Power Yoga will challenge your body in a way that helps to burn calories, improves strength and muscle tone and will still  deepen  the flexibility of both body and mind.

‘Vinyasa’ means to sequence in a specific order and both Ashtanga and Power Yoga classes are done in the Vinyasa form.  There is a flow from pose to pose – a moving meditation that builds strength and determination.

Start with a beginner vinyasa class in order  to understand basic transitions and to work at a pace that is moderate.  As you gain strength, flexibility and knowledge you can try more challenging vinyasa classes.  You will certainly sweat moving in this way – burning calories and building muscle mass.

Yogis that practice vinyasa style yoga often have long lean muscles (yes, please!) as well as great balance and coordination.  For skin that glows and improved overall health get on your mat and get ‘flowing’.


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