Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

Some life experiences leave behind a grimy film on our hearts, clouding our judgement and darkening our perspective. Yoga is an excellent option for working on letting go of feelings that no longer serve you.

In the same way that yoga helps to release tension in our physical bodies, it works to release tension in our minds. Feelings of negativity are heavy to carry around and the quicker we put them down, the better for you and all the people around you.

Within all of us there is a light. A divine spark that is pure, free and forever. As we go through our lives, difficult experiences can leave behind a veil over that light. These veils are like thick, black wool blankets and as they pile up on top of one another we just don’t shine the way we used to.

It is these heavy blankets of anger, frustration, jealousy and grief that can lead to anxiety and depression.

The yoga for depression exercise shown here is a heart opening exercise that layers in breath work and a mental exercise as well. The physical act of opening the chest allows for deeper breathing and symbolizes a willingness to open up your heart to new experiences.

This focus on the breath brings our attention to the natural ebb and flow of life. Finally, the effort to think of things you are grateful for on the ‘in’ breath and releasing negativity on the ‘out’ breath helps us to clear our hearts and our minds. Hope is a bath for the soul. In most cases, if we stop and think about the things in our life that are precious, we will feel better.

Don’t forget that you are always one yoga class away from a good mood.

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