World Vegetarian Day

There are so many health benefits associated with adopting a vegetarian diet that it’s hard not to be interested in knowing more – especially on World Vegetarian Day, the annual kick-off to vegetarian awareness m

Studies have shown that vegetarians suffer less from heart disease, some kinds of cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity.  Lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol are also common in vegetarians when compared to meat eaters.

Why not give it a go for just one day as week?  You won’t have to ditch the steak, but you might ditch a a few pounds and lower your grocery bills.   If you’re interested in going vegetarian one day a week, a great resource to explore is   Encouraging education and awareness around a one day a week vegetarian diet,  their stats are pretty compelling.

Did you know that the average American consumes around 250 pounds of meat a year? Just one non-meat day once a week, will reduce your consumption of meat by about 35 pounds a year.

Vegetarian breakfasts are a snap:   whole-grain cold or hot cereals, fruit and vegetable smoothies or a  scrambled egg sandwich on whole-wheat with sliced tomatoes, and cheese. For  meatless lunch and dinner recipes, head to Cooking Light.

And if you think you’re in for a day of deprivation, we suggest consoling yourself with Jamie Oliver’s  Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni.  

spinach canneloni

For Jamie Oliver’s top 5 Vegetarian Recipes, click here.