Wine for the Purist and the Adventurer

In life, many things are defined by extremes – we want to categorize things as good or bad, right or wrong, to help us sort through our feelings. Often, the best way to figure out what you do like is by determining what you don’t. In dating, you get a sense of what you want in a partner after discovering what qualities you dislike. In real estate, you make a list of things you don’t want in a home as well as what you do.

The same can be said about wine.

Are you a purist or an extremist? When it comes to wine, luckily you can love and appreciate both ends of the spectrum. Purists believe that wine should be natural with little intervention from the vineyard to technology – it is about the essence and taste of the grape and the terroir. Wine extremists are the adventurous types. They appreciate all tastes, blends, and profiles – everything is exciting and ready to be explored.

A purist’s wine party would consist of flavours that are simple and delightful. Everyone would wear white, speak in prose, and relish in the elegance of wine, food, friendship and life. There would be a theme of classic beauty, with crystal glassware and bone china, A-line skirts and pastel colours. Conversation would be about the finer things in life, with classical jazz or a live piano player in the background. The food pairings would be simple and delicious and and pair perfectly with the single varietal grape expressive wine, tasting of pure terrior. The tone of the night would be structured yet beautiful, refined and remarkable.

If you were invited to a party where “extreme” was the theme, imagine that the energy would be completely different than that of a “pure” party. Scanning the room, you might find a somewhat eclectic group of attendees, including extreme foodies savouring bizarre food pairings with unique and tasty wine. The environment would feel exciting, adventurous and wild. Musical preferences would be a blend of genres, including rock, hip-hop and alternative. The location would be unique and underground, and guests would be wearing brightly coloured, trendsetting outfits paired with their hipster personalities. Glassware would be mismatched and lovable and everyone would be talking about their life adventures and exotic travel stories. The party would run into the wee hours of the morning and it would be a night to remember.

Are you purist or extreme wine drinker? Most likely you are somewhere in-between.

Either way, a wine needs to resonate with your personality, your style and your spirit. Being adaptable and appreciative of the extremes is what makes life even more memorable. Tonight, you may be pure, and tomorrow, feeling a bit more adventurous!

Either way, you’re on the way to good memories and great wine!


Purists can try Trapiche Malbec while  adventurous types should give  Trapiche Extravaganza Red Blend a whirl.