Veress Couture

Franciska Veress is at the helm of Veress Couture a highly creative design house that specializes in fur clothing and accessories.   Her  2014 Fall/Winter Collection is comprised of luxurious fur like coyote, arctic fox, racoon, mink and shearling  shawls, wraps and capes, asymmetrically twisted and draped jersey dresses, luxurious tailored dresses with fur accents and Chinese brocade lining. Franciska’s pieces are for the most part one of a kind and a perfect fit for any “been there, done that” fashion types looking for something truly unique.

fur 1

Veress Couture is also a member of the design collective 1234TheCollaborators.  Their gorgeous cashmere and wool blend coat line will hit retail stores in the next few weeks.

Coat 1

coat 2

Also on offer are cowhide makeup bags and medium size purses.

fur 2

Veress Couture clothing and accessories are available via special order online at or at Violets and Dahlias in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Don’t miss them at the One of A Kind Show this weekend at Booth P30.