Selling or Buying a House

In the current real estate market, where demand outpaces supply in the city core, we see our clients focusing on certain features rather than the aesthetics in their house hunting. A smart buyer can overlook the furnishings and paint colours because most will renovate and redecorate with their designer in tow.

If you’re selling or buying a house, here’s a reality check: your dream kitchen and bathroom may not be the same as the buyer’s. But show them you got the functional square footage to put in their very own and you will start a bidding war. Optimized Space Planning is a professional skill, so rely on an interior designer to get creative.

We recommend investing in the following fundamentals now, which will give you years of enjoyment and will place you ahead of the game when the time comes to sell.

• Maximized Storage and Custom Built-Ins will keep the offer neat and clean.  A dream example is this custom shelving unit made from digitally fabricated plywood


• Let there be more Pot Lights and Natural Light so buyers can see a clear value

• Spacious Master Ensuite will wash away any doubts

• Laundry Room on 2nd Floor should not be an exclusion

• Quality Finished Surfaces (walls, floors, countertops, doors, decks) will seal the deal

As most urban homeowners face the challenge of finding space, British series “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces” will open your eyes to some ingenious solutions. Available on Cottage Life TV channel, check your local listing or watch online.

Better yet, have an Interior Design company help you live long and prosper.  Here are a few examples of some recent custom work we’ve done to solve storage problems.

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Caveat of the story: Design for yourself and for what you want out of your home today. When you put your property up for sale down the road, hire a stager to neutralize and update the décor for the masses.

Design Work & Images courtesy Kendall & Co.   excluding hidden pantry courtesy Apartment Therapy.