Riesling is the bottle you can keep an unlimited supply of. It’s the perfect accompaniment with parties, dining, sipping and sharing and even for your cellar. Having originated in Germany, Riesling is now a variety that is loved and grown all over the world. It typically comes from cooler climate regions, such as Ontario and British Columbia (Canada), Alsace (France), Germany, and The Finger Lakes (New York, USA). However, it can also be found in warmer climate regions like California, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

Why Riesling Rocks:  

It is great with and without food. Not only is Riesling great to drink on its own, it is extremely versatile and refreshing, and can be served and enjoyed with almost anything and everything when it comes to food. It is the perfect pairing with Asian cuisine, cheese, seafood, and lighter meats such as pork and chicken.

It can range from dry to sweet. Rieslings can range from bone dry to sweet. It takes a bit of patience and practice figuring out which ones you like the best, but that’s also the fun part!

It works well in blends. Riesling offers a great backbone of acidity to blended white wines. In Ontario, many white wine blends include Riesling because it can help to balance out a wine and give it structure.

It’s a global grape. Riesling is produced all over the world, so you can continue to explore its never ending and different taste profiles from places like Germany, Ontario, Australia and Alsace (just to name a few)!

You can taste Terroir. Rieslings have a fantastic way of really showcasing the land and soil where they are from.

It can make great bubbly. Yes, Riesling can make bubbly. Delicious and perky – it’s one you definitely want to try and serve!

It makes exceptional Icewine. The balance of acidity and sweetness is perfect and the taste is exceptional and elegant. Like cocktails? Make an Icewine martini with equal parts vodka and Icewine.

It ages gracefully. Because Riesling has such great acidity it can be enjoyed young and can also age gracefully in a cellar. As white wine gets older it gets darker in colour, and some even acquire a notorious petroleum note. Although they are crisp and refreshing in their youth they are beautiful and elegant with age.

It’s the perfect wine. No matter how many times you’ve drank a bottle of Riesling, shared a bottle of Riesling, or paired with it with food, there is always room for more in your cellar or fridge. It is the perfect wine to bring out when you have unexpected guests, and pair with any conversation, entertainment or menu.

We recommend: 

1 – Cave Springs Riesling, Ont
2 – Wolf Blass Gold Label Riesling, Aus
3 – Gustave Lorentz Riesling, Alsace