Oscar Pool 2015

Do you and your friends place bets on who will be the big winners at the Academy Awards on Oscar Night? Do you faithfully enter the office Oscar Pool, feeling confident in your excellent taste in film when it comes to the big categories (or handsome men? hello, Benedict Cumberbatch, a front-runner this year, thank you Academy Panel)? But then find you’re guessing away with mad abandon when it comes to those weird little categories like sound mixing?

If you’re tired of being a loser, and want to come up a winner at the 2015 Academy Awards Oscar pool, then listen to the experts at LA Weekly. According to them: you’ve got it backward. Oscar pools are decided on the margins, where the information is more complicated to assess, making the outcomes harder to predict.

Their advice? Think like a gambler. Then start researching like mad. Sites like will give you the scoop on what the movie fanatics have to say about this year’s crop of contenders. Then make like a Hollywood insider and head to IMDB to better understand those obscure categories.

Another sneaky option: check out the winners at this year’s BAFTA‘s – the English version of the Academy Awards.

Good luck come February 22nd. If our strategy works and you come out a winner – be sure to let us know. ¬†And don’t forget our cut!