A New Year Resolution

It is the second week of a New Year. So on Facebook there are already reports of people who are struggling to keep their resolutions that they felt were so necessary just a week ago. These resolutions are all the usual suspects…. losing weight, getting fit, saving money and spending less, in fact no great surprises there.
After many years I have discovered what a New Year Resolution should actually be and more critically what it should not be.

This fact has occurred to me, after many years of making resolutions and then never doing anything about them. If it was to give something up, or stop doing something, I have always failed dismally.

The reason for this has become clear over the last year and the answer was that my heart wasn’t really in it. Trying to improve lifestyle is a great aspiration, and resolving to take a course which will improve my mind always results in me falling behind with the project or just losing interest.

So what should a New Year Resolution be? It should be something you dream about, something you will enjoy doing and something that is life changing, and if that change is tiny it is even better as it is easier to keep going. A resolution should be that little thing that has been in the back of your mind for ages.

It is something that will make you feel good, make you smile when you think of it, and become a passion.
If the right thing is picked it will not feel like a chore, if too much discipline is involved you are likely to fail, especially during the long dark winter nights.

Choose something that will inspire you and the rest will follow. How do I know this? Because last year I found the perfect New Years Resolution. I started dancing, and not just any dancing, for years I had caught sight of people doing this dance, and despite being anti showing off I just couldn’t resist being drawn in. So last January I started learning how to do the Argentine Tango. By the end of the first lesson I was hooked and it was something that I kept to myself until the end of last year, it was truly a secret yearning that developed into a passion.

So passion is ultimately the name of the game here, and with it I feel great. I feel more balanced, supple and have great fun at the classes. Nobody I learn with is fantastic so it is not intimidating and we laugh the whole way through class.

So this is the key passion not discipline, aspiration not desperation are the names of this game and will help you to keep your resolve, and if you need someone to teach you when that desire is identified pick someone who is as passionate about that thing as you are.

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