Marriage Market Takeover

marriage market

The pressure to get married  is something that most young women in North America are likely unfamiliar with in 2016.

It’s a different story in China, where unmarried women are labelled as “leftover women” (Sheng Nu in Chinese) if they haven’t become brides by 25.

Women in China (and around the world) should be able to marry because they want to, and not because of societal pressure. T is the premise of a new documentary-style commercial from SK-II, a high-end skincare brand (Cate Blanchett is a fan).

Called Marriage Market Takeover (yes, they exist) the film introduces us to several single women who talk about (with heartbreaking openness) their sadness at disappointing their parents, the process of looking for love and their proud enjoyment of their independence and their careers.

Sometimes painful to watch (the women are described as unattractive and picky by their parents), it’s a fascinating look at Chinese cultural and familial mores, as well as a moving message about family, love and being a woman.

Warning: You might want to grab some tissues.

Watch the full piece below: