How did your holiday baking turn out this year? Did your shortbread fall short?  Where your gingerbread more like mice than men?   Truth be told, baking is a science that requires not just devotion to exact measurement, but an oven that you understand how to use.

Or perhaps you just need an oven that understands you.

LG ProBake Convection™ ovens take the guesswork out of cooking by delivering even, precise heat on every rack, every time. Inspired by professional ranges and employing technology usually found in commercial ovens, these are the first freestanding ranges with the heating element moved from the bottom of the oven to the back to distribute heat evenly.  Meaning that your cookies and cakes  (as well as your roast)  will come out perfectly browned every time you cook.

LG’s ProBake Convection utilizes true gas convection which is seven times more powerful than conventional ovens.  This not only cooks dishes faster, it allows home cooks to customize heat output on a dish-by-dish basis. A bonus for the harried or  forgetful cook:  the Speed Roast Cooking1 function means that oven pre-heating is no longer necessary.

Did we mention they’re good looking too?


And if good looks and great results fast isnt’t satisfying enough, how about this little bonus:  LG’s new freestanding ranges are equipped with EasyClean® allowing you to clean your oven in only 10 minutes without relying on chemical cleaning agents.  The process involves three simple steps:

1: Spray the oven interior with water.

2: Press the EasyClean® button.

3:  Wipe away the mess.

LG’s Probake has also thoughtfully provided this luscious Red Velvet Roulade recipe for a New Year’s Eve dessert.  If only everyone understood us so well…