Can you recall the last time you were on a busy flight being tormented by the restless child in the seat behind you? We sure can. Short haul flights are bearable, but long haul flights with kids who can’t take an Ambien?

Cue the applause for Dutch airline KLM.  Every year, about a million children between the ages of two and twelve fly KLM. That translates to about ten children per flight. KLM understands (bless them!) that it is in ALL passengers’ interest to have happy kids on board.

One way they work towards this goal is their mascot KLM Bluey. Bluey is KLM’s gift to travellers, as well as an opportunity to present kids with more than just the customary diversion of inflight television. Bluey is a small plane who comes to life as he mischievously explores the world under his daddy’s wings, and the new star of KLM’s children’s channel. Thoughtfully, the Bluey movies are also available online for a little advance trip excitement:

The Bluey experience also includes a kids play set so they can entertain themselves during the trip. All Intercontinental flights offer a Bluey package with cards, colouring books and pencils, a crew badge and eye shades. International flights also offer a colourful Bluey meal box, which can be ordered in advance so their’s no inflight fussing.

Kid Kit

But it’s not all about the kids.  Adults take note: KLM is about to add 20 Dreamliners to their fleet. Here’s what this means for you:

Larger windows for better views from middle row seats
Dimmable windows for custom lighting
Comfortable full flat World Business Class seats are all along the aisle
Economy Class seats have extra recline
WiFi is available on board
A luxurious 11-inch, HD-quality touchscreen in Economy Class and a 16-inch touchscreen in World Business Class with navigation available in twelve languages
More than 200 films in the film library
More spacious stowage bins to store your baggage

Happy children equals happy parents as well as happy fellow travellers. Sounds like a blueprint for smooth sailing to us.

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