David's Best Mate

In early 2007 a greyhound was rehomed. Not exactly big news but this was a first step in a very special relationship.

The proud new owner Becky Carr had no previous experience living with a dog, but she had done a lot of research and she had read that former racing greyhounds were “quiet, gentle and almost non-shedding dogs that didn’t need a lot of exercise”, and she felt that a dog of this type would fit well  with her life.

This is how she met David’s Best Mate. David bounded into Becky’s life after a racing career with immense enthusiasm. He was loud, boisterous and manic and would walk as far as she could take him. He was instantly loveable and people were instinctively drawn to his boyant personality.

He took to his new life with relish – everything that he ate was “his favourite” and everything that he did was an adventure.  His evident enthusiasm for life was so addictive that each day became a story – and as the weeks and months flew, by random thoughts and phrases that sounded like Davids voice  would pop into Becky’s mind just as clearly as if he had spoken to her. His evident enjoyment of everything around him was so addictive that the idea of writing “his thoughts” down was a natural step, so she started to put his everyday exploits into words. His words.

David's Best Mate

Becky began with a forum but this developed into setting up a blog for David in which he shared his everyday “hadventures” and wise words with the world.  She was not sure whether anyone would be interested in her translation of his thoughts, adventures and antics but the idea bloomed so strongly  in her mind that she had to do it.  She was surprised when the blog took off, and was greeted with delight by the readers. People enjoyed and identified with her genius at translating and his love of life and it quickly developed a following.


As David’s blog became more popular and his fan base continued to increase via daily Facebook posts,  Becky began to compile the blog posts into a book to raise money for greyhounds and to attract attention to the thousands of greyhounds that need homes every year.

“Me Ritings” was published in 2011. David and Becky made many appearances to promote it at retired greyhound shows and fundraising events and became champions for the plight of greyhounds everywhere.

David took his celebrity all in stride with characteristic clowning around and much excited barking.

Just before Christmas 2013 David’s second book “Me Moosings” was published, but he was winding down. Becky was becoming concerned about his health and he had to officially retire from public life. The new book was successful and just as engaging – by sharing his health difficulties and his deterioration via his daily posts she raised the emotive topic of ageing in dogs and how to confront the last chapter of a dog’s life.

He became less mobile and her skill at translating his thoughts came to a close when David died in February 2014.The reaction to his last post prompted an outpouring of sympathy for Becky’s loss and inspired a desire to raise money in David’s name for one last time. The auction and fundraiser was so well received that it raised £18,650 a total that nobody expected to achieve, least of all Becky. The money was split between 3 greyhound rehoming charities.

Nobody could have been more amazed than Becky at this turn of events.. One dog had inspired affection in thousands of people and has left a lasting impression.

This inspirational story  of one person’s love for her ex-racing greyhound proves yet again just how profound the bond  between humans and dogs can be.

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