Finding your favourite perfume can be as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans — most of us have spent more than a few afternoons at the mall wandering through perfume counters trying different scents until they all blend together into a fragrant mess.

There’s a long process to the perfume hunt: after finding out what “kind” of perfume you need, like a “warm” or “fresh” scent, you’ll also have to see how the perfume responds to your unique body chemistry. A good rule of thumb suggests smelling your perfume 20 minutes after spritzing it, so you can see your body alters the scent. And stay far away from those cardboard strips — they won’t help you find out what smells good on you.

Even with these steps, it can be hard to find something that actually¬†works. Sometimes, you need something truly unique to you, and that’s where parfumeries can help. These stores can help you create custom perfumes from scratch, mixing together unique fragrances that work just for you.

1. Jo Malone

UK-based boutique Jo Malone gives you the option of layering their signature fragrances, ranging from floral to woody, to find a perfume tailored to your liking and body chemistry. They have two Canadian boutiques, both in Toronto, where you can feel free to explore various scents.



2. Ayala Moriel Natural Perfumes

Vancouver-based Ayala Moriel Parfums is an artisan perfume house that creates natural perfumes from totally pure botanical essences — these aren’t the synthetic fragrances you might find in department stores. Together with Ayala Moriel, you’ll come up with up to three samples of three different scents. These can be tweaked and fine-tuned until you’re happy your perfect perfume.



3. 6 By Gee Beauty

This Toronto-based boutique is the exclusive carrier of Le Labo Fragrances. These classic scents are freshly handmade and can be personalized to create a bespoke scent. Once you find your perfect combo, you can also create custom candles and scents for the home.