Counting Crows

Seattle’s Gabi Mann is an 8 year old with a treasure collection that trumps the treasures of every other kid we know.  A yellow bead, a blue earring, a little light bulb and a rusty screw might not sound like much to you, but Gabi didn’t collect these treasures herself.

They were brought to her by crows.

Just like every other toddler on the planet, Gabi was prone to dropping  food as she walked along.  Crows are very clever.  They soon clued in and would swoop down to pick up the fallen food.

As Gabi got older, she started to share her school lunch on the way to the bus stop.  In 2013, Gabi began filling a birdbath with water and setting out food.

Shortly after that gifts from the crows started to appear.

Gabi’s greatest treasure is  a pearl-colored heart because that’s the one that shows how much her crows love her.

You can listen to Gabi and read more at The Bittersweet Life podcast.