Passing a street kid recently, I read her sign:  FEAR OF CHANGE?  LEAVE IT HERE.

How clever I thought – and emptied my pockets.  Change can be challenging and terrifying – even when that change is for the better.  How we learn to manage change determines how successful (and peaceful) our lives will be.

All things manifest are in a state of change.  In fact, change to our physical form is the only thing we can truly count on in life.

Our physical bodies, how we think, how we treat ourselves and others, our emotions and self esteem are constantly shifting.  Back and forth, up and down, it’s an exhausting roller coaster of inner turmoil and shifting circumstance.  We may not be able to control what is happening around us,  but we can influence our own transformation by accepting that change is inevitable.  Why not harness the power of change through yoga?

The practise of yoga makes us stronger, more flexible, improving our balance and co-ordination.  It cleanses our body through movement, and the manipulation of tissues and organs, sweating and deep breathing.  We know the value of cleansing our bodies – cleansing our insides is just as important.

If we move our bodies they will change.  If we don’t move our bodies they will also change.  Which direction they go in is up to you.

The practice improves our ability to concentrate.  We have an opportunity to digest all that we ingest in these quiet moments of reflection.  We also get a glimpse of how fragile we are and how impermanent our thoughts are.  By watching them come and go,  we get to know our reactive tendencies and can release the patterns of thought that no longer serve us.

Emotions are not a problem. They are merely the gauge that shows us what we need to shift towards or away from. When we do yoga, we have the opportunity to watch our emotions without being caught up in the heat of the moment.  Our stillness allows for objectivity and we see without being compelled to do anything other than watch.  It is in these moments that we can shift our perspective.  We can transform anger into love.  Frustration into patience.  Despair into hope.  Jealousy into admiration.

When we are still and quiet in meditation,  we are holding up a mirror to our psyche.  It is part of your journey as a yogi  and a useful tool for personal transformation.

Yoga is a vehicle for change that won’t just transform your body – it has the power to transform your  life.

Coming in January:  8 Helpful Yoga Videos from Mrs R featuring Angela Jervis-Read.



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