Outdoor Bathrooms

The best outdoor bathrooms combine the simple beauty of nature with the luxury of a hot bath. They become a sanctuary that is both private and completely open at the same time. For those lucky enough to live in a climate with year-round warm weather, outdoor bathrooms are an every day possibility. For the rest of us, they may be functional only in summer months, but if well designed, they remain beautiful all year. Designs can range from minimalist to rustic to luxurious. Elements to incorporate are wood, glass, and unique stones. Outdoor showers are especially useful for those with swimming pools or ponds. But even without a swimming area, outdoor bathrooms remain a place to relax in the great outdoors. Here’s a peek at some of ¬†the most drool-worthy¬†fantasy tubs we’ve seen: bathroom 1 bathroom3 bathroom2 bathroom4 bathroom5 bathroom6 bathroom7 bathroom8 Amanusa - Outdoor Shower bathroom10 bathroom11 bathroom12 bathroom13 bathroom14 bathroom15