Wearing Makeup Over 40

Would you break up with make up?


October 29, 2013

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  • Writer Roz Warren is 58 and doesn't own a lipstick. In fact, she doesn't wear any make up at all and never has. Insanity? Or the ultimate sanity? I've always loved wearing makeup. But a year long battle with an eye-infection (ladies: step away from the false eyelashes!)  forced me to break my makeup habits. I now see this forced examination of habit as a good thing: what works in your 30s often doesn't work in your 40s. Although I will confess to a certain wistfulness when I see a pair of beautifully made-up eyes... Has your relationship with make up changed post-40? I checked in with a few Mrs R contributors for their opinions: "I know some women have a love/hate relationship with it but I fall into the former category," says Claudia Santino, "I fell in love with lipstick as a kid. Mom always said, "Put some lipstick on" which was probably code for "You look like sh*t" but it stuck. I went through a phase of wearing the full metal jacket of base and powder. Less really is more, so now so long as I've got mascara, a hint of blush and my favorite lip color, I'm set. Lipstick is one of life's greatest inventions as far as I'm concerned." Barbara Stewart says, "I wore almost no makeup until one year ago at age 51. I've always been athletic and prioritized workout time over time in front of  the mirror. I chose my body over my face in a way! I recently booked myself a makeup lesson at Gee Beauty on Roxborough. This changed my makeup life and I am never going back. I bought $1000 of makeup and it takes me 13 minutes a day to get it all perfect. I feel WAY better about the way I look! More confident and more gorgeous." "My relationship with makeup is all new," says Anne Brodie, "I used to wear a lot of foundation, eye make up and dark, rich lip colours. My main concern was oily shine and it worried me all the time. Constantly powdering my face. These days, I think my skin is more balanced and I spend no time matting it down. My focus now is on actual skin health over makeup and as a result my skin looks so much better. It feels much stronger. I rarely wear foundation, my eye makeup is much lighter and neutral although I still like to play with lipstick - but NEVER dark!  These days I might run errands in no makeup at all. Unheard of for me! People treat me just the same." It looks like we really are more comfortable in our lovely skin as we get older.