IKEA Gives (Cooking) Power to the Children

How will they know what good food is unless you teach them?


October 21, 2015

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  • If you're like me you have fond memories of watching your Mom or Grandma cooking in the kitchen. My Granny would always let us stick our fingers in the mixing bowl to grab that last bit of batter, and I hope that someday I can pass on the same sweet memory to my grandchild. In the meantime, I've got a teenager in the house who isn't too old to roll up the sleeves for one last swipe. Is there a better generational bond builder than food? Cooking (begone, microwave!) provides basic math and science skill-building. There's no doubt that cooking abilities will add to any kids' confidence in and out of the kitchen by teaching them the value of good food and creativity. Not only is it a delicious way to pass an afternoon, but you're guiding  towards smart food choices that will help with their health in the long term. Which leads us to IKEA and their very smart 5 rules for makuing cooking fun for kids (and manageable for parents).
    “Cooking With Parents” is a much needed manifesto from children to parents. It can really suck to be a kid in the kitchen: not allowed to be part of the cooking, then  handed super-dull tasks like washing lettuce. The five rules are simple but important that the kitchen should be a place for coming together – without fear of mess and scolding. IKEA’s Life At Home Report finds that nearly half of all parents feel guilt around the lack of time to play with their children. At the same time, most children lack basic food knowledge and cooking skills, simply because parents fear the mess that follows letting them into the kitchen. Next time you cook make sure to add a splash of kids or grand kids. We guarantee a good time.