Yummy Supper Cookbook

One of Mrs R’s favourite food blogs is The First Mess – a beautiful site that elevates cooking with natural foods to close-to-art form.  The recipes are healthy and inspiring.  And the photographs of the food  practically leaps off the page into your mouth…

The latest post for Erin’s Bali Garden Stew w/ Toasty Cashews + Shallots is on our long weekend menu. It’s a packed-to-the-rafters-with-goodness vegetable stew with a hint of spice that makes perfect use of end of summer vegetables for a healthy dinner or desk lunch.

The base flavour comes from chilies, onions, garlic and tamari, with a bonus sprinkling of coconut oil-browned cashews and shallots.  Even better:  customize the ingredients to focus on the veggies you love or simply what’s in your fridge or at the market

As if the recipe weren’t exciting enough, we’ve fallen for the source cookbook:  Yummy Supper: 100 Fresh, Luscious & Honest Recipes from a Gluten-Free Omnivore by Yummy Supper blogger/food photographer turned cookbook author Erin Scott.

She had us at garden stew, but what not to love about Yummy Supper recipes like Watermelon Punch with Fresh Lime and Mint, Poached Eggs with Lemony Spinach & Crispy Hash Browns, Parmesan Polenta with Garlicky Rapini and Black Olives or Peanut Butter Cups with Dark Chocolate and Flaky Sea Salt?

Another reminder that it’s never too late to start eating healthy – especially when the food is this good!