Yoga Cures Frustration and Anger

Frustration and anger are normal and healthy emotions. Our emotions are a gage that help us to navigate life, bringing our attention to relationships and behaviors that need some kind of adjustment. It is when our emotions become unwanted houseguests, and we are unable to successfully manage those feelings, that we need to turn to a practice or professional for assistance.

Yoga is a highly effective method to help alleviate feelings of anger and frustration. The pose shown here in the video is called Dragonfly at the wall. It inverts the body, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which will put your physical body in a more relaxed state. It also relieves tension along the inner legs which is the pathway for the liver meridian found in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The energetic channels in TCM carry emotions too. Anger and frustration are the emotional flavors of Liver Chi and releasing anywhere along these channels will help these emotions that we are stuck on to flow away.

Watching your breath and watching your emotions rise and fall within you while you practice will help you to see that all emotion – including anger – will pass whether we react or we don’t. Relieving tension in the body and in the mind will get you thinking clearly again so you can make good decisions for yourself and the ones you love.


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