Wrecked On Vacation.

Technology may have made our lives easier but as most of us know by now, it can sometimes make it more difficult to unplug from the office. It’s almost hard to believe there was a time when being on vacation meant packing your bags, hopping on a plane, or in your car, and not speaking to anyone remotely connected to your job.

From the dinner table to the the sand dunes, somewhere along the last decade, technology creep has worked itself into the DNA of our lives. These days it’s not unusual for colleagues or employees to ping e-mails, or texts, back and forth to the vacationer. Sometimes it’s welcomed, and sometimes it’s not. Nowadays, there seems to be a vague separation between church and state when it comes the sacred cow of holiday time. The crazy part is that we’re pretty much responsible for setting it up that way. But why should anyone feel guilty about expecting a peaceful vacation?

Do a better job of developing your team. That’s the directive from Christopher J. Williams, chairman and chief executive of the Williams Capital Group, who says that if managers get bombarded with phone calls and e-mails during vacation then they need to rethink the culture they’ve cultivated. And it’s not just his insight in this New York Times interview around vacation time that’s valuable. Williams cites the damage managers reap when they stay involved with projects at a granular level.

For more insight from Williams on the difference between being dedicated to your organization versus tethered to it, click here.

What about you — when you hit the high road do you unplug?