Women, Money and Multitasking

My eldest step-daughter always stands in the yoga posture called ‘tree’ when she helps us make pesto. Who knew that de-stemming basil could be such an opportunity for reflection? A friend of mine does 20 squats every day while she waits for her bathtub to fill up. She doesn’t want to waste an opportunity to squeeze in even a bit of fitness into her frantic days. And I have been known to take my Starbucks cup into my really hot shower so I can take sips between shampooing and conditioning. Hey – I don’t like cold coffee!

Most women I know are professional multitaskers. But how can we apply these skills to the money part of our lives?

The first part has to do with technology. While it may have its distracting side, I remember what my life was like 20 years ago. Remember having to go to the bank, and in person, and only when they were open (were the hours really 10 am to 3 pm?) Or having to buy a newspaper and read tiny print to see how your stocks were doing? Running out of cheques?

All of those tasks got easier with ATMs, even better with PCs, and now with a smartphone in our hands we are fully integrating our financial transactions into our daily lives. Whether waiting in lineups or sitting in lengthy meetings; we now make payments, move money around, and check on our stocks.

Still on technology, social media really helps multitask. Some people complain that social media has dumbed things down, but there is an upside too. Because social is aimed at ‘snacking’ versions of information, rather than full meals, it makes multitasking around money easier. There are 3 minute clips on YouTube, posts on web sites (like this one on Mrs. R, I suppose!) and even ‘listicles’ like “Top Ten Money Management Hints for Busy Women!”

People may mock that trend, but bite-sized financial advice is practical for women-on-the-go, in a way that a 200 page financial book wouldn’t be.

Dealing with finances shouldn’t be dull and boring. Try weaving money matters into your day-to-day life.  After all, it’s just as easy to read a money blog while you’re getting a pedicure as it is a gossip rag – and a lot more valuable.