The Wonderful World of Beaujolais

When it comes to discovering wine, the journey is endless. The ever changing world of old and new world, varying climatic changes and vintage variations means you can travel the world simply by opening a bottle of wine – what an amazing way to learn.

Beaujolais is one of those undiscovered, delicious and wonderful wines. Sip, share and spread the wine word about this wine gem!

C’est Beau!

Beaujolais – a smaller region in France inside of the larger region known as Burgundy, is a wine paradise. The region’s wine is made with the Gamay grape for red and Chardonnay for white (although  the white  is not common to find). Beaujolais wines haven’t been given the credit they should. The region and the wines seemed to have fallen under the shadow of Burgundy (a very well known region in France known for producing world-renowned Pinot Noir and Chardonnay), but this place is definitely something to get to know.

The Grape

The region’s grape is Gamay, and if you’re a white wine drinker or a lover of light to medium bodied red wines, this is a grape variety that you can’t afford to know nothing about. Typically light to medium body with perfectly balanced fruit flavours the wines from Beaujolais are undeniably delicious, offer extremely great value and always please a crowd. If you’ve never tried Gamay, odds are you’re not alone. It’s not a very popular grape (who wants to be popular anyway!) which makes for even more of a reason for you to love it. Not quite an underdog, but deserving of that type of love, this variety has lots to show-off and deserves more attention than it’s had.

Versatile and delicious

The medium bodied flavours of a Beaujolais Gamay are the perfect companion with almost anything. From cheese to pork to heavier meat dishes, it’s not only a red wine for white wine drinkers, but it’s also practically impossible to pair something incorrectly with. Most of the time Beaujolais Gamay can be perfectly oaked or not oaked at all, which is what makes it so adaptable and delicious.