Pressure Cooker: Holiday Cooking Tips

We’re a week out from December 1st and that means only one thing: the holidays are undeniably upon us!  Now that the  mad rush to plans and prep meals for friends and family is on,  even a seasoned (and well stuffed!) pro can benefit from a few kitchen tips.

Here’s a handful from the celebrity chefs who have been coaching home cooks all season long on W Network’s Pressure Cooker:

Both Rocco DiSpirito, author of Now Eat This! and Anne Burrell, Mario Batali’s sous chef on Iron Chef America agree that the most important thing in cooking is to taste your food as you go. Anne also cannot stress quite enough to use salt – under seasoning food is a surefire way to have a dish fall flat.

Stefano Faita from CBC’s In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita warns not to make the very common mistake of using too many ingredients. He advises home cooks to be confident in the food they make and to make the food that they want to eat. Stefano also recommends getting organized and building out menus for the big days well ahead of time.

Choppeds Alex Guarnaschelli notes that even experienced home cooks  often overreach and attempt complex dishes  during the holiday season that, admittedly, are a bit beyond their skill set. This inevitably leads to disappointment and discouragement – remember to keep it simple!

Given that Pressure Cooker was built around the premise that most Canadian home cooks simply don’t have the time to put together a meal on a weekday, Montreal’s own Nadia G from Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen suggests getting the entire family involved instead of taking it all on yourself.

Now that’s some holiday spirit we can live with!