Who will be the next James Bond?

It hasn’t exactly kept us awake at night but we are wondering nonetheless:  who will play the next James Bond?

Now that cranky superstar Daniel Craig has voiced that he would “rather slash my wrists” than play 007 again, and has signed on for a US TV series, his future as Bond looks pretty clear.

We will delicately avoid a rant about ungrateful actors, and move on to the long list of contenders per the UK’s Independent.

Idris Elba 

The first black Bond?  He is an incredible actor (check out Luther on Netflix) and sexy as hell. Funny too.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.47.16 AM
Current odds: 9/2

Damian Lewis


The Homeland hunk certainly has suave but dangerous covered.

Current odds: 7/4

Tom Hardy

tom h

After seeing him in the The Revenant, we’re sold that this handsome, sexy and menacing actor could step into Bond’s shoes.

Current odds: 5/2

Michael Fassbender

It’s a hard decision to make, but we’re giving our vote to tough but tender Fassbender.

Current odds: 14/1

Who would you vote for? Peruse the long list by by clicking here.