Meet Spray-Net, the one day makeover for your home.

The arrival of spring often signals a favourite Canadian national pastime: real estate. With single-family home values continuing to rise across the country, getting into the home game doesn’t just make sense — it makes dollars too. With first impressions being the most lasting, there is something to be said for paying attention to “curb appeal”.

Whether you’re preparing it for sale, or to host friends and family this summer, how your home looks on the outside is important. Outdoor expert and HGTV personality Carson Arthur contends that home values can increase by up to 10 per cent when the “curb appeal” is compelling or new.

This might be why we were so excited to hear about the Canadian mobile exterior paint company, Spray-Net. Founded in 2006 by a Quebec student painter with an eye for longevity and a sensibility for the Canadian climate, Spray-Net is a proprietary technology that sees paint adhere flawlessly to exterior surfaces including brick, stucco, aluminum and vinyl.


Developed in Quebec means that it’s well-suited to the inconsistencies (read: horrors) of Canada’s weather. Spray-Net’s paint results are not only reliable and long-lasting, but they can be achieved in a single day.

So if the application is so easy (and affordable), maybe our big question is what colour should we use?

Spray-Net had an answer for this too! Working with Montreal design blogger, Vanessa Sicotte from Damask + Dentelle, the company identified a number of exterior trend colours for the season. A mix of blue hues, khaki greens and charcoal greys join classic whites and blacks along with pops of colour (we love the idea of a glossy fire-engine red front door) to be on trend this year.

With over fifteen franchises in Quebec and growing numbers in Ontario and eastern Canada, we’re going to call for a Spray-Net consultation next week and get ready for summer.