Happy Birthday Lucille Ball!

Iconic comedienne and star of  eternally funny I Love Lucy would have turned 103 today and her gift of laughter just keeps on giving.

Daughter Lucie Arnaz has reinvented the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum & Center for Comedy by turning the Jamestown, New York  Lucy mecca from a  shrine to a comedic commune with a special focus on the healing power of laughter. The annual event started in the early nineties with the likes of Ellen Degeneres, Ray Romano and Lewis Black.

The centre opens today with a  “laughter yoga” classes and a free show for veterans, and will feature 25 performers including headliners Jay Leno, Tom Cotter, and Caroline Rhea. Over 50 events will take place over the next five days – all  celebrating Ball’s vision for Jamestown as a community that fosters and supports contemporary comedy.

According to Dr. Frank Lipman, laughter helps boost your immune system by increasing T cell activity that helps our bodies fight viruses and tumours.  It will also:

  • Help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, decreasing pain and stabilizing blood sugar.
  • Stimulate chemical changes in the brain that helps our bodies deal with the cumulative effects of stress.
  • Burn extra calories.  Just 10 -15 minutes worth of chuckles throughout the day can burn up to 40 calories.

Our prescription: Laugh your way to better health with a few episodes of I Love Lucy and a slug of  the Vitameatavegemin of your choice.

Thanks for the memories, Lucy.

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