沈锦波博士、教授、硕导、博导,省部共建亚热带森林培育国家重点实验室PI。分别于2001、2008年在浙江师范大学获得理学学士、硕士学位。2013年于香港中文大学生物系获得博士学位,之后在该单位从事科研工作,先后担任研究助理(Research Assistant),博士后(Post-Doc Fellowship),副研究员(Research Associate)。2017年入选浙江省创新类人才。主要从事植物囊泡运输过程在植物生长发育、逆境响应中的调控作用机理研究。结合细胞生物学、分子生物学、遗传学、蛋白质组学等技术方法,在模式植物拟南芥、水稻中重点研究了蛋白质的液泡转运途径和分泌途径。以液泡分选受体(VSR)和ESCRT蛋白亚基AtBRO1、FREE1为研究蛋白,研究了液泡前体或多囊泡体介导的液泡蛋白从反面高尔基体网状结构(TGN)到液泡的转运途径;利用植物的分泌途径,研究了截短型VSRNT和液泡蛋白相互作用的关系;通过研究植物亚细胞水平的pH,分析了内膜系统pH调控囊泡运输的机制。这些基础理论研究将有助于提高经济林木坚果内液泡存储蛋白、油脂的含量和品质,培育高营养价值的品种。

Jinbo Shen is a Professor in the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Silviculture at Zhejiang A&F University. He completed his Ph.D. in the lab of Prof. Liwen Jiang at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He continued in the same group as a postdoctoral researcher, before takingthe current positionin 2018. His current research mainly focuses on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of protein trafficking in the endosomal-vacuole system in plants, as well as their potential application in plant biotechnology and silviculture.

专业领域(Areas of expertise)

Protein targeting, protein traffic and secretion, vacuole, organelle biogenesis/function, plant biotechnology.


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学术荣誉和奖励(Honors and Awards)

1.教育部自然科学二等奖. 2017.排名第4,共7人(MoE Natural Science Award of China, China Ministry of Education, 4/7, 2nd Class, 2018);

2.The Postgraduate Research Output Award of CUHK. 2014

3.Postgraduate Students Publication Award of School of Life Sciences-CUHK. 2013

4.Cold Spring Harbor Asia Fellowship Reward. 2011

5.浙江省普通高等学校优秀毕业生. 2008

6.浙江省优秀研究生学位论文. 2008

7.全国“挑战杯”大学生创业计划大赛银奖. 2004(团队成员)


学术兼职(Professional Activities)

1.《Plant Cell》IF 8.6. Assistant Features Editor. 2018

2.《BioMed Research International》IF 2.476 . Guest Editor. 2015





Corresponding Address:Room N404, State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Silviculture, Zhejiang A&F University (ZAFU), No.666 Wusu Street, Lin'an District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.



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