Ikea Wants You To Relax

Admit it.  Tucking into the latest issue of the Ikea Catalogue is always a pleasure – whether you need something for your house or not.

We’re sure the upcoming 2017 Ikea Catalogue (available in store Aug 8th and online August 15 plus a new Ikea app) will be no exception, and this year we especially love the angle they’re using to promote it. Ikea recently commissioned a Life at Home Report that asked thousands of people about their home lives and what stresses them out.  The results were things like not enough quality time with family & friends, a disorganised house being a constant source of worry and nervousness around cooking because of the unrealistic expectations set by social media.

All a little sad, no?

To keep things in perspective, they’ve produced this Let’s Relax video – a cheeky (social media circa 1756!) reminder that when you’re at home, you should keep the social and ditch the media.  Home should be the place where you relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends.  Wouldn’t we all be a lot happier if we checked our expectations (and our phones) at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joys of cooking, eating, and being together?