Home Maintenance Tips From A Handywoman

We love these top 10 home maintenance tips from the always-excellent Remodelista.

We also love the back story:  Kheli Mason had plans to be a doctor when her career  path did a 180.  In  a bid to earn extra money, she landed a job with a forward-thinking building-maintenance handyman.  Twenty five years later “I’m still sawing,” says Mason.

In 2012, she founded The Handy Woman LLC in Colorado.  Her mission: to teach people, especially women homeowners, how to look after their homes.  “Many of the repairs I’ve done for others over the years could have been avoided if the homeowners had been aware of basic maintenance procedures,” Mason says. “Most of these jobs are simple and can save quite a bit of money if they’re carried out on a regular basis.

With the  number of single female homeowners on the rise, more woman are picking up the hammer.  If a female-friendly reno crew run by a handywoman makes you feel comfortable, you should check out Women Who Build Stuff in Toronto.  From our end, there’s something about a woman wearing a tool belt that brings a smile to our faces.

Helpless female indeed…