Clocks move ahead, temperatures begin to rise; snow starts to melt and signs of spring finally start to appear. With the changing seasons, we Canadians like to rid our homes of anything related to winter as we prepare for fresh leaves on trees and blooming flowers. With the purge of winters past, comes the opportunity for new inspiration and Mrs. R Mag has found a plethora of décor ideas  at the Hudson’s Bay Company at the flagship location’s new Home Floor.

Amidst a sea of beautifully crafted Italian sofas, retro fridges and Acapulco chairs, Hudson’s Bay Company,  in partnership with House and Home Magazine, revealed the long anticipated new 6th and 7th floors. One of the highlights was bluebellegray for providing an early dose of Spring and founder Fiona Douglas’ favourite drink, Bottle Green Elderflower sparkling water.

With its impeccably stunning abstract watercolour floral designs, this Scottish textile company brings spring to your home in the prettiest way. bluebellgray’s home décor collection includes exquisitely crafted pillows, bright beddings and embroidered accessories.   Each watercolour floral print is delicately hand painted by Fiona herself and then digitally imprinted onto the fabric.

Our fave?  The extra large, haute-hippie luxury floor cushions.  This is the easiest, prettiest way to update your home for spring.

Let the sunshine in indeed.