Best Calgary Facial

If you want to know where to go for glowing, healthy skin in Calgary,  look no further than Kolor Twist and the extraordinary skin care therapist Krista Leitl.

Krista gets emotional when talking about the skin and is renowned in Calgary for her individualized programs and dedication to her clients. While Krista prides herself in studying each clients skin, and observing the changes over time and cultivating unique treatments in spa and at-home regimes…the end results are the same.   Anti aging and a unique glow are the outcome and specialty of Krista’s work.

There are dozens of 40+ women in Calgary with this special brand of glow, and almost none of them wear makeup (Clearly wanting to show off and who can blame them?)!  I can actually  spot them on the street, and giggle to myself that I am one of the lucky few in rotation on Krista’s demanding calendar.

Along with the unique treatment for each client, Krista is relentless in hunting down the most effective brands of skin care. Krista was the first non-medical practice to be allowed to carry Environ in Canada. The latest brand in Krista’s arsenal, Biologique Recherche is an innovative and globally sought after brand from France. Krista is one of only a handful of Canadian spas carrying this magical range of products. Again, Krista is insistent “I need to study your skin, and over time we will develop a regime that works best for your skin, to ensure regeneration and ultimate hydrating and anti aging. This too will morph over time depending on what you are dealing with in your life”. Along with the ultimate facial (likely including a hand massage during a mask and a brow touch up) Krista will talk about supplements and diet recommendations to augment the treatments.

Seriously, my Western Canada friends, it does not get better than this!

 Kolor Twist

310 9st NW, Calgary

Phone 403 270-7754