Dear Mrs Robinson

I’ve been living with my partner for 10 years.  I’m 49 and he’s 45. We have always enjoyed a great sex life, but in the past year he feels tired much of the time, and seems to have lost interest in sex. He says he still loves me but that he’s just  really, really tired…

It  hurts to think he’s not interested in me anymore – should I be worried?



Dear Kate,

Although much is made of the transition women go through at our age, little is mentioned of manopause.  It is surprisingly common for men in their 40’s to experience the symptoms of decreased testosterone.  What are those symptoms?  If your man has gained weight, complains of being tired all the time, and doesn’t seem interested in sex the way he used to be, you may want to suggest he see a doctor and have his testosterone tested before worrying that it has something to do with you.

NOTE:  There are concerns for testosterone treatment just as there are for female hormone replacement therapy, and I suggest you learn more about the risks if there’s a history of heart or cancer issues in his family.

There are also natural ways to boost testosterone levels. A very good site to learn more on both sides of the issue can be found at drmercola.com. He has done many studies on testosterone, and has suggestions for naturally boosting testosterone levels.

The benefits of testosterone therapy are weight loss, increased energy, and yes, a born-again libido. You should be aware that this can also be achieved with proper diet, regular exercise and a few natural helpers such as macha, or a simple combination of vitamins C, E and zinc.

A little-known fact about reduced testosterone in men is that alcohol activates an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen in the body.  Might I suggest the new lingerie reveal BEFORE the third cocktail?  You might just find yourself a happy ending…


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