Which of these iced tea recipes suits your personality?


Katie Pedersen
June 9, 2013

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  • I think we’ve established how excited we are for summer beverages with our paloma article last week. But what are we going to drink before five?  Or before noon…if, you know, it’s the weekend.  Sprawl out by the pool with a great book and a big cup of iced tea.  Here are some tips for making your own tea, plus great DIY recipes to suit your tea taste.  What kind of tea-enthusiast are you?   SOME TIPS FOR MAKING ICED TEA: 1) Steep Entirely In Hot Water First Cooler water will increase the steeping time, which can affect the flavour of some teas. Sugar should also be added while the water is hot, so it can dissolve properly. Unless, of course, you have some picky friends.  In that case, see tip #3 . 2) Make The Tea Extra Strong We like our tea like we like our men – strong, yet sweet.  However, even if you like weaker tea, you need to make it strong so the ice won’t drown it out.  Do this by adding more tea bags than usual – not by adding extra steeping time.  Steeping tea for too long creates bitterness. 3) Sweeten It With Honey Or Agave Plasmas work best for sweetening iced tea because they dissolve better.  Honey will leave a distinctly honey taste to your tea, but agave syrup is almost tasteless which is great for using with some of the more complicated summer loose leaf.  You can get it at most tea shops, upscale grocery stores, or even Winners.

    Orange Earl Grey Tea

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    For the nutrition nut. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/orange_earl_grey_iced_tea.html