American Experience Pilgrims

PBS’s U.S. history series American Experience turns it’s eye onAmerican’s founding colonists to explore the myths that have grown up around the Pilgrims.

In the early 17th century this small group of religious radicals embarked from England to establish a separatist religious community across the Atlantic Ocean in the New World. The challenges the Pilgrims faced in making new lives for themselves still resonate almost 400 years later.

Comprised of interviews with historians and re-enactments, American Experience Pilgrims is an engaging tale of fortitude and good fortune.

The late actor Roger Rees (Nicholas Nickleby) plays William Bradford, the colony’s governor whose memoir serves as the main first-hand account, beautifully.  

American Experience Pilgrims airs November 24th at 8pm EST.

Check your local listings for availability.