3 Ways to Find Your Christmas Spirit

Feeling a little more like pre-enlightenment Scrooge than Santa this year?  If the usual holiday triggers (food/booze, baking, music, shopping and putting up your tree) aren’t doing it for you this year, here are 3 things that might help alleviate the humbug effect of commercialism, and help you consider the joys of the season.

1.  Christmas markets

This is the holiday-on-steroids fast track where you can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas all in one attractive location.  Click here for a list of Christmas markets across Canada.

2. Watch a Christmas movie
The holiday institution known as Alastair Simms’ Christmas Carol never fails to work its magic on us.  According to Slate, this 1951 version is the best Christmas movie ever.  Instant gratification types don’t have to wait –  you  can watch it now by clicking here.   For a list of the top 25 holiday films of all time, click here.

2. Make time for beloved family and friends
Last but not least, take a minute to pick up the phone, send a card or email the people you may have neglected this year.  Constant messaging around happiness can further burden troubled hearts, especially if you’ve experienced loss in 2015.  Research shows that happiness and positive emotions are contagious, so why not be a carrier?

And if all else fails, watch this beautiful commercial (yes, commercial) by British retailer John Lewis.  Profits from three products at the retailer will go to the Age UK charity which works with older people.

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